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Connect your applications and automate your processes!

My Solution Connect specializes in the connection of applications and the automation of workflows via its Open Flux solution, the 100% configurable management ETL.

Open-Flux is an ETL (Extract Transform Load) management that connects different information systems edited and used in heterogeneous configurations.

Its ambition is to be 100% configurable to allow its use to be adapted to all the needs of its users, regardless of the software used and regardless of the specificities with which this software is configured.


Open-Flux ensures communication between ERPs and E-commerce CMSs, thus enabling a reliable and automatic flow of information. It also allows you to connect CRM, EDM, financial databases as well as warehouse management software.

ERP connector

CRM connector

EDM connector

Financial database connector


WMS connectors

LOB Software Connector

Other connectors on request

Our Open Flux Connector


Software package available in:– On-premise (ETL Client/Server)– On demand (full web iPaaS )


For all types of platforms, software and applications

100% configurable

Adaptation to specific uses and support for possible changes in needs

Hundreds of possible connections

Do you have a need or a question?

Don’t remain without an answer!