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Open Flux - ETL (iPaaS) 100% Code Less Management

My Solution Connect specializes in the connection of applications and the automation of workflows via its Open Flux solution, the 100% configurable management ETL.

Open-Flux is an ETL (Extract Transform Load) management that connects different information systems edited and used in heterogeneous configurations. Its ambition is to be 100% configurable to adapt its use to all the needs of its users, regardless of the software used and regardless of the particular specificities with which this software is configured.

Open Flux is available in two architectures (no-code or low code development platform): CLOUD FULL WEB (iPaaS: integration Platform as a Service) and ON PREMISE (client-server):


OPEN FLUX makes it possible to take into account all platforms, both ERP and e-commerce (including when they are specific), as well as other software such as logisticians, EDM, CRM, financial databases or mobile applications.

100% configurable

Its flexible configuration allows the adaptation to specific uses of the different information systems as well as the support of any changes in needs.

The + of an ETL versus
A specific development

  • A lower budget thanks to shared development
  • Customer autonomy because 100% configurable
  • Faster deployment
  • Optimized maintenance through experience sharing
  • The benefit of functional evolutions
  • Increased productivity


Open-Flux is positioned as the robot (or black box) to ensure communication between ERP and E-commerce CMS, thus allowing a reliable and automatic flow of information. It also connects logisticians’ and carriers’ software.

ERP connector

CRM connector

EDM connector

Financial database connector

Ecommerce Connector

WMS connector

LOB Software Connector

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