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Financial database connector

Open-Flux is positioned as the robot (or black box) to ensure communication between financial databases and ERPs, thus allowing a reliable and automatic flow of information.

Connect your ERP with financial databases. The interface with Creditsafe or Infolegale allows you to improve the quality and time of decision-making, with, for example, 80% of failures announced 12 months in advance.

Examples of data that can be integrated into your ERP


  • Company registration number
  • Business name of the company
  • Customer outstanding called Credit Limit (Maximum outstanding recommended by Creditsafe)
  • The Creditsafe score (Letter from A to E) which must be made a configurable mapping
  • Customer’s primary address
  • Delivery address
  • Company turnover
  • Number of employees
  • Company net income

Customer Knowledge

Enrichment and updating of your customer and prospect database on commercial data (turnover, number of employees, net result).


Receiving alerts from Creditsafe (Payment incident, privilege) and updating your “customer creditworthiness” tab


Alert and/or block processes in the event of an unfavorable change in the financial status of a third party

Automatic push

Secure your customer portfolio: automatically receive alerts every morning

Other features


  • Querying the Creditsafe customer outstanding in real time, from any customer file.
  • Definition of a list of customers and suppliers to monitor.
  • Automatic update of the outstanding customer of the monitored companies to allow the blocking of certain processes.
  • Alert and reporting of any type of change among the monitored companies.
  • Completion of customer and prospect files on additional information, automatically.

Open-Flux connects more than 100 applications and this list is continuously expanded.

OpenFlux Sage CreditSafe V3

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