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Infolegale connector

Infolegale produces and disseminates legal, capitalistic and financial information on companies and their managers.

Its selective and personalized monitoring solutions allow its users to be the first informed and often exclusively of events impacting the solvency of their customers. In addition to monitoring solutions, credit information and notices are accessible via the Internet, Web Services, files and direct integration into databases.

Thanks to the Open Flux connector, you enrich your ERP with new data, you control outstanding amounts, you monitor the creditworthiness of your customers and you block certain processes in the event of adverse developments.

Examples of data that can be integrated into your ERP (the Company registration number is the key):

  • Business name of the company
  • Customer outstanding
  • The solvency score
  • Customer’s primary address
  • Delivery address
  • Company turnover
  • Number of employees
  • Company net income

Thus, the interface with Infolegale allows you to improve the quality of your third-party data and decision-making times.

List of Infolegale connectors

SageCegidEBPBusiness Central
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