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LOB Software Connector

Open-Flux is positioned as the robot (or the black box) to ensure communication between line-of-business software and ERP, thus allowing a reliable and automatic flow of information. It also connects logisticians’ and carriers’ software.

Open Flux makes it possible to connect line-of-business software to the various ERPs on the market, whether they are in On Premise or Full Web (cloud) architecture. For example, MySolutionConnect via Open flux links (non-exhaustive list):

-Gescof education management software with Cegid XRP Flex, Dokeos (LMS),…

– Universign or Yousign for electronic signature
– Praxedo (intervention management software) to EBP
– Pepperi (remote order taking software for sales representatives) with Sage, EBP…
– Regate: financial cockpit linked to market accounting

Open-Flux connects more than 100 applications and this list is continuously expanded.

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