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E-commerce connector

Open-Flux is positioned as the robot (or black box) to ensure communication between ERP and E-commerce CMS, thus allowing a reliable and automatic flow of information. It also connects logisticians’ and carriers’ software.

The Open-Flux connector is capable of performing a large number of actions. Here is a small list of what you can do once it is installed and configured with your E-commerce application.

  • Automatic product creation in your app from sales management
  • Descent of your app’s customer accounts to sales management and update
  • Descent of sales orders from your app to sales management
  • Feedback from commercial inventory management and sales order status to your app
  • Possible interfacing with a logistician, a marketplace, a price comparator…
  • Transport label editor or connection to carrier software (Chronopost, Colissimo, TNT …)

Open-Flux connects more than 100 applications and this list is continuously expanded.

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