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Our solution

Open Flux is a 100% configurable ETL that allows you to connect applications and automate workflows. It is available in Saas or On-Premise mode.

Open-Flux Cloud (iPaaS: Integration Platform As A Service) requires no deployment.

It is made available to end customers and / or partners via an authenticated access by login / password to view, execute, configure the different flows of the file. The tool was developed with the free React JavaScript library, developed by Facebook since 2013 to facilitate the creation of dynamic and reagent web applications. This library is updated and enriched by a very large community of developers, which guarantees its long-term sustainability. The settings are stored in a Google Firebase offering a set of hosting services in NoSQL and real time, for any type of application, databases, content and social authentication. Its high responsiveness allows excellent performance. The security of its authentication guarantees that of our application, as well as protection against the latest security breaches.

Note that the tool allows you to have a collection of connections (online MySQL databases, FTP access, http connections) to consume and provide the APIs that must be linked.

Unit processing

Unit processing makes it possible to meet any specific request for API consumption, data generation in an imposed format, injection of data into a MySQL database, placement of files on an FTP … etc.

Standard applications:

Open-Flux is positioned as the robot (or black box) to ensure communication between ERP and E-commerce CMS, thus allowing a reliable and automatic flow of information. It also connects logisticians’ and carriers’ software.

HubSpot, Cegid, Shopify, Exact, Magento, WooCommerce, Zeendoc…

Blue Print

Open-Flux automates processes and transfers data through templates of linked system pairs.
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The advantages and benefits of Open-Flux Cloud

  • Agility: adapts to your information system
  • Save time: connect your tools and avoid re-keying
  • Scalability: when your needs or tools change
  • Reliability and Maintainability: Integrated Maintenance Functions
  • Simplicity and Autonomy: after training, you can set up Open Flux yourself!
  • Complementarity: ability to integrate flows to third-party applications
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