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Woocommerce connector

WooCommerce is an open source plugin for WordPress to create an online store.

It is designed for small and large online businesses using WordPress. Launched on September 27, 2011, the Plugin quickly became known for its simplicity of installation and customization to become the most popular site building solution in the world, especially via blogs and other institutional sites.

Thanks to the API library made available, My Solution Connect via Open Flux connects Woocommerce stores with ERP on the market (EBP, Cegid, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Divalto…).

The interest of integrating a Woocommerce gateway to commercial management is multiple. Indeed, the connector we offer is able to perform a large number of actions. Here’s what you can do once it’s installed and set up:

  • Automatic product creation in Woocommerce from sales management
  • Descent of Woocommerce customer accounts to commercial management and update
  • Descent of customer orders from Woocommerce to sales management
  • Feedback from sales management to Woocommerce of inventory and customer order status
  • Possible interfacing with a logistician, a marketplace, a price comparator…
  • Transport label editor or connection to carrier software (Chronopost, Colissimo, TNT …)

FAQ Woocommerce

The Open Flux universal connector facilitates communication between CMS on the market such as Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, Prestashop and management software such as Sage, EBP, Cegid, Microsoft Dynamics, Divalto.

The Open Flux universal connector is easy to configure. In its Cloud version, Open Flux does not require any deployment. It is made available to end customers and/or partners via authenticated access by login/password allowing them to view, execute, configure the various file flows. In its initial configuration, Open Flux allows the sending of the item catalog from Cegid, EBP, Sage, Microsoft or Divalto to Woocommerce; recovery of customers who have placed orders on the Woocommerce site; recovery of orders recorded on the Woocommerce site; sending Woocommerce an acknowledgment of receipt of orders correctly integrated into Cegid, EBP, Sage, Microsoft or Divalto. In addition to this initial configuration of the Cegid, EBP, Sage, Microsoft or Divalto <-> Woocommerce connector, other flows can be created with Open Flux on demand.

The Open Flux universal connector ensures reliable, automatic information flow between the Woocommerce CMS and ERP systems, even those with specific requirements.

List of Woocommerce connectors

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